Vendor Application

Hello vendors and welcome to

Murrieta Fire & Rescue’s 77th Anniversary BBQ!

Saturday, April 13th, 2024

12:00 noon – 6:00pm


We are pleased to have you participating in this year’s Murrieta Fire & Rescue annual BBQ.  If you have any questions before or during the BBQ, please do not hesitate to reach out to Inspector (Robert) Steinbauer by email:


Vendor Check-in Times 

Fresh food vendors - 6:00am-8:00am  |  Non-food vendors - 8:00am-10:00am

*All vendors must be checked in and unloaded by 10:00am.  If you know you will be running late, please contact Inspector Steinbauer ahead of time.

**All vendors must be completely set up and ready for sales by 11:00am.  Please adjust your set-up time accordingly.


Event Hours 

12:00noon – 6:00pm



·         Booth spaces are 10’x10’ unless more than 1 space was purchased. 

o   Vendors must stay within their designated area.

·         All vendors must supply their own tent, tables, chairs, etc., as needed. 

·         All vendors are responsible for obtaining required licenses and permits. 

·         Merchandise vendors are required to have a valid resale number with the State. 

·         Fresh and Pre-packaged food vendors must obtain the appropriate health certificates. 

  ·       Heath certificates are required at time of application.

·         All food vendors are required to have the appropriate fire extinguisher(s) in their booth. 

o   Class K & Class ABC for those cooking in oils

o   Class ABC for all others

·         We will have numerous volunteers and personnel on hand.  If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.


If using a mapping app, use location: Town Square Park, Murrieta, CA

·         All vendors must enter onto Memorial Way from Juniper St. (no exceptions)

·         See additional direction information below.


From I-15 North

1.      Exit California Oaks Rd./Kalmia

2.      Turn left, heading southwest on Kalmia St.

3.      Turn left, heading southeast on Jefferson Ave.

4.      Turn right, heading southwest on Juniper St.

5.      Turn right, heading northwest on Memorial Way

6.      Check in with vendor liaison at Memorial Way & Town Square Parkway for booth location and directions.


From I-15 South

1.      Exit California Oaks Rd./Kalmia

2.      Turn right, heading southwest on Kalmia St.

3.      Turn left, heading southeast on Jefferson Ave.

4.      Turn right, heading southwest on Juniper St.

5.      Turn right, heading northwest on Memorial Way

6.      Check in with vendor liaison at Memorial Way & Town Square Parkway for booth location and directions.


Vendor Check-in & Load-in Instructions


·         Check in with the vendor liaison at the corner of Memorial Way and Town Square Parkway (by the Senior Center).

·         The liaison will give you your booth space and directions.

·         All traffic must proceed in a counter-clockwise direction around the park. 

o   Yellow arrows on map

·         Proceed to your booth space and park to the inside portion of the drive.

o   Do not block the through portion of the Parkway 

·         While unloading your vehicle, please be respectful of the vegetation. 

o   Use the designated pathways from the drive to the sidewalk. 

·         Unload your vehicle and contents prior to setting up your booth.

o   ½ hour is allowed for unloading

o   Do not set up your booth while your vehicle is on the Parkway.

o   No vehicles or trailers may remain on the Parkway during the event.

§  This is a designated fire access road that shall be maintained.

·         Once you have unloaded your vehicle, proceed along Town Square Parkway to the vendor exit and into the parking area northwest of the park.

·         Return to your space and set-up your booth.


Booth Set-up


·         All spaces are 10’x10’.

o   Stay within your designated area.

·         Your booth, display, merchandise, boxes, carts, etc., are to remain inside your designated area

o   Storage of overstock, boxes, carts, etc., outside your booth is prohibited.

·         All 4 legs of your tent must be weighted down or secured. 

o   Due to irrigation piping, stakes may not go deeper than 4” into the ground.

o   Vendor is responsible for damage to irrigation pipes.

·         Vendors are responsible for attending their booth at all times.

·         This is a family friendly event. 

o   Event staff has the right to refuse the sale of items that may be deemed inappropriate.

·         Vendors are responsible for taking care of their own trash and putting it in the event’s large trash containers during and after the event.


Vendor Load-out Instructions


·         The event officially ends at 6:00pm. 

·         Break down your booth prior to bringing your vehicle onto the Parkway.

·         Depart vendor parking.  Follow the Blue arrows on the map to the Red arrows for loading out.

o   Vehicles will follow the same route as during load-in.

·         No vendor vehicles will be allowed onto the Parkway until the area is cleared of pedestrians. 

o   DO NOT attempt to enter the Parkway prior to receiving authorization from the vendor liaison.

·         Again, please be respectful of the vegetation and only use the designated pathways between the Parkway and the sidewalk.

·         Vendor’s are responsible for cleaning up their booth area prior to departure.


We hope everyone has a fun and successful event.  Again, if you have any questions before or during the event, please do not hesitate to contact Inspector Steinbauer at (951) 440-6351.



Riverside County Health Inspectors will be inspecting your booths.  Health certificates must be present with you at your booth. Here are some of their requirements:


·         Booths must be fully enclosed with proper screening as shown below. 

·         Booths set up on grass or dirt will need to provide a cleanable tarp for ground cover.

**All food vendors will be set up on asphalt, however are still required to have tarps on the ground in the booth and under their cooking areas. 




·         Each vendor must have a hand-washing station inside of their booth.  You must set up the booth and hand wash station before making any food.  Food made prior to handwashing set-up will be discarded. 

·         Each hand-washing set-up should include the following:

·         Gravity-fed container of 100 - 108oF warm water with a flip spigot (not a push button spigot)

·         Pump dispenser for soap (not a squeeze bottle) 

·         Paper towels

·         Catch basin for wastewater




·         Provide three vessels, dish soap, rinse water, and sanitizer (bleach or quat. ammonia), and the right test strips for utensil washing.  A three-compartment sink will be required for events lasting more than 3 days.




·         Provide a probe thermometer in the booth to check temperatures throughout the event.

·         Provide approved ways to keep food hot and cold as applicable.  Some examples would be steam tables, chaffing dishes, ice chests, and refrigeration units.



·         Display a business sign at the front of your booth/structure with the following information:

·         Business name in 3” lettering

·         Name of the owner, city, state and zip code in 1” lettering



·         ALL food must be made at the event or at an approved kitchen.  Any food stored or prepared at a private home will be discarded.

 If you are plan on using a commercial kitchen to do prep before the event it must be approved through this Department beforehand.  Contact the Riverside County Department of Environmental Health at 951-461-0284 for details.